Our Opportunities

While Rockford faces challenges, we have opportunities in front of us poised to help provide a better future for all our residents. We’ve made investments in and developed new strategies for public safety that are slowly yielding results. We’ve diversified our economy to take advantage of our advanced manufacturing and aerospace technology employment base.

We’re creating public-private partnerships to improve the quality of our workforce. We’ve developed new world-class sports tourism facilities that have recaptured our status as a national leader in youth sports. We’re furthering our status as a regional health care destination, with area health systems investing millions in new facilities and programs. And, significant developments in our downtown are already paying off.

Returning home rule authority to our community is an important tool to help keep that momentum moving forward. Returning home rule to the community will diversify the revenue that provides police, fire, public works and other critical city services. It will help ease the burden on property taxpayers, who for too long have been responsible for funding those services.

A vote YES on March 20 will keep our community moving forward!